Testing – MIND THE GAP

Here are few questions asked frequently by companies: “Do we have to invest and spend our resources on testing?” “Will the tests produced have a direct impact on customers?” Many often see this as a low value task, as it doesn't produce a sell-able product.  Let’s talk about this shortly.

At 4 roads, we are a customer focused company and we understand that testing bridges the gap between developers, stakeholders and customers and providing quality implementations leads to satisfied clients.

With enormous technical development in the testing industry, handling complex applications has become significantly easier in recent years.  Let’s go back and talk about the questions often being asked about testing to have a clear understanding of what exactly testing is.Testing is not just finding bugs but reducing bottlenecks in the application. Bugs result in poor product quality, whereas bottlenecks add less market value to the product which may sometimes result in users abandoning products. In general, various constraints can have an impact on testing. A few examples are, “Budget/Time”, “Product isn't finished yet”, “Quality is everyone’s responsibility, no dedicated testing needed”, “My product is perfect” and “Developers can handle that”. But it is necessary to understand that the modern development methodologies, like agile, are flexible enough to adapt to testing and more importantly, it would be a huge task to test and review your own work. In today’s practical world, with the rapid growth in technology, would it be a wise action to take a risk on a product without testing and guaranteeing the quality? Testing, in general, is thinking about all the the ways and conditions which will cause the product to fail in real scenarios and preventing them.

For any company, regardless of how big it is, pressure to reach the deadline to release the product plays a role at some point.  Often at this point, planned time to test the application is reduced, so as not to affect the release date. It is completely agreeable from the business perspective, but imagine, if the bug is found in a released product, which may result in a far greater detrimental impact to the company.

It is of course important to understand that due to immense development in technology and modern software complexities, it is impossible to ensure 100% bug free software but at 4 Roads that’s what we strive for

In our mind, testing bridges the gap between product and the user.