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Why bother with a digital consultation?

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Delivering the best digital experience to your audiences is everything –  but it all starts with a high quality digital consultation.

Whether you are dealing with customers, prospects, partners or employees, businesses today with benefit from a digital consultation to help them simplify, modernise and automate their engagement solutions to help drive:

  • Deeper loyalty
  • Enhance business performance
  • Accelerate processes
  • … and position their brand above their competitors

Technology has fundamentally transformed how we work, shop and connect with each other. Digital innovation is now essential for business survival.

Our digital consultation can provide you with a summary of where your brand ranks against the available opportunities.

Use of Process Automation
Use of Artificial Intelligence
Your Public-facing Social Media
Your Internal Tools
Use of Machine Learning
Use of Intelligent Self Service Opportunities
Effective Management Policies

Why choose 4 Roads?

Why choose 4 Roads for your digital consultation?

We have over 20 years experience in developing engagement solutions for a wide range of clients including Hitachi Vantara and the British Medical Association.

4 Roads understands the needs of the modern business environment – we use the latest technology to create digital spaces and solutions that seamlessly blend the entire customer experience.

We partner with clients on three continents who trust us to help them improve their multi-channel online presence.

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Contact us on  0808 189 2044 to discuss your digital requirements.

Our Testimonials

Using Personas to Understand your Audience

An often-used tool for getting to know your audience better is to use personas – allowing you to essentially put yourself into the shoes of the people who your brand interacts with, or your prospects.

Start with a simple top five user types

Start by identifying the top five types of people who interact with your brand. For instance, one of your typical customers could be a busy single parent. Another might be someone who is dependent upon benefits and stands to be affected by a proposed change in the way your processes work. You can even give each of your personas a name, set an age for them and add other details about them to help you visualise your customers better. We can help you with persona development as part of our digital consultation.

Next, identify the journey for each persona

One way to help understand how your personas use your services is to use the following technique:

  • I am …
  • I want to …
  • So that I can …

For example:

I am a busy single parent with a special needs child. I want to find suitable childcare providers that can accommodate my child’s needs, so that I can return to work with piece of mind and assurance that my child is well cared for.

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The ROI of Increased Audience Engagement

How Engaged Customers Raise Revenue

Audience or customer engagement is one of those terms that seems to get bandied around everywhere at the moment. Engaged customers, organisations think, will result in a better return on investment. Tell Marketing to sort it out and we’ll reap the benefits!

The pure truth is audience engagement IS essential to any digital strategy; the inconvenient truth is that it takes more than a memo to one team to deliver it successfully. To have a meaningfully positive business impact, engagement should be implemented and measured across your entire company.

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AR/AI Interactive Digital Display sees 4 Roads shortlisted for a BIMA award

The team here at 4 Roads are pleased to announce we have been shortlisted for an award by BIMA in the Technology Above £70k category for our work with Hitachi Vantara on the development of an AR/AI Interactive Digital Display.

Hitachi Vantara is part of the Hitachi Group, the 38th biggest business in the world. Every year, Hitachi Vantara runs a conference where it demonstrates to customers and partners what the next 12 months will hold.

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The ROI of Better Community Management

How to Capture the Real Value You’re Missing

Return. On. Investment.

Three simple words that are often the cause of a huge amount of confusion and angst when it comes to measuring the value of a community. When an organisation has invested a good chunk of the budget in a platform, recruited a community manager or team, trained the team and resourced for some ongoing design and development time it’s important to understand what that investment means and why it is worthwhile to the business.

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