Sitecore User Group Recap

Following the success of the first Sitecore user group within the Midlands, back in September 2016, 4 Roads hosted another fantastic Sitecore user group at Malmaison Birmingham.

With an increase in attendees from the last and with people attending from roles within development, marketing, web services, customer service, project management, communications, to name just a few, the rooms were filled and it is clear that a community is starting to develop within the digital space in the Midlands, which is fantastic to see first hand.

To cater for such a broad range of interests and job roles of attendees, we aimed to provide information and learning which would appeal, and capture the attention of everyone, so we split the presentations into two categories: More technically focussed, and business/marketing.

There were four presentations on the evening, each presented by digital and Sitecore experts. You can watch them below:

  • The Value of UX and why you Cant Ignore It by Adam Dew, User Experience Consultant
  • Sitecore on Azure PaaS by Johannes Zijlstra (Sitecore)
  • What is Personalisation and Why Should I Care? by Paul Stephen, CEO, Sagittarius Marketing.
  • Continuous Delivery with AppVeyor by Steve McGill (Sitecore).

You can watch all presentations on the 4 Roads Youtube channel here:

Food and drinks flowed throughout the night, and attendees were provided with lots of opportunity to network. All in all, it was great to see such a good bunch of people get together around a common interest and it was lovely to meet you all.

Planning is already underway for the next meetup, we are anticipating one event every quarter so keep your eyes peeled for that and if you haven’t already, register on the Sitecore user meetup group to be the first to hear when the next event will be held.

We are open to suggestions for topics for further events, so if you have any thoughts on this, please do get in contact. The atmosphere is friendly and casual, and we welcome you from all levels and areas of expertise. Whether you are using the Sitecore Experience Platform, considering it or otherwise – and regardless of job title – programmers, marketers, content authors, CMS users, community managers or if you are just interested in digital and experience, everyone is welcome.

See you next time!