4 Roads to host webinar in association with Sitecore and Marketing Week

On Wednesday 6th March at 3.00 GMT, Jonathan Brayshaw, client strategic marketing advisor at 4 Roads will host a free webinar in association with Sitecore and Marketing Week.

The webinar titled, beyond social media – socialising the enterprise to surprise and delight your customers will explore the growing popularity of online communities and how the opportunity now exists to build an integrated approach to social as part of your marketing strategy.

Jonathan Brayshaw aims to open the minds of business decision makers about the broader potential of ‘social,’ and asks: 

“Why are all the conversations around your brand taking place almost exclusively on public social networks? Would it not make sense to even out this bias towards the big four social media sites in favour of encouraging open, authentic conversations to take place on your own improved, experience-led website?”

The webinar will explore these themes further and provide practical advice on the following areas:

  • How to manage social media as the starting point for a socialisation of their enterprise
  • The broader business opportunities and ROI afforded by social tools and techniques
  • The immediate and long-term transformative value of such tools, techniques and approaches

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