Online communities often establish themselves to satisfy a specific requirement, but once established there is a world of possibilities awaiting exploration. By understanding the community and identifying the most suitable opportunities, 4 Roads provide strategic direction, enabling the online community to continue to develop with focus and clarity.

Strategic recommendations might include; ways to promote an online community - growing its reach beyond its existing network, how best to monetize a community through social commerce and sponsorship revenue streams, or perhaps even the adoption of gamification techniques to help keep users engaged. 

4 Roads will help your online community innovate and benefit from the very latest social technologies.

Contact us now to find out how 4 Roads can help you to develop an innovative online community strategy.

4 Roads plugin extensions for Telligent Community offer major enhancements for both community members and managers. For community members, the ability to go straight to the last unread forum post significantly improves the user experience. Plus there’s an enhanced text editor and better emoticon support. For managers, the ability to maintain and prune membership with the new user encouragement plugin is a ‘must have’.

Arlo Guthrie
Community Manager
Working Communities