Adding Social Engagement Made Easy

The SSK allows you to complement your off site social networking activities by adding a social element to your Sitecore powered website. 

It is an easy starting point, which can grow as your social strategy matures and grows too – an ideal way to try out a variety of community features without deploying the full capabilities of the Zimbra platform. 


The SSK provides ‘snap-on’ functionality including microblogging, discussion forums, media galleries and automated moderation from Zimbra and allows you to: 

  • Better understand your audiences 
  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Gain insights and discover brand advocates 
  • Personalise the on-site experience for site visitors based on their social network activities 
  • Leverage customer feedback for research and development 

The SSK combines best in class WCM from Sitecore and leading social community software from Zimbra - a combined strength - unmatched in the industry. 


For more information on the Social Starter Kit, contact us today. 


Alternatively, you can read more about our partnership with Sitecore on our blog, or download the Sitecore Social Starter Kit datasheet via the Sitecore website.


Please contact us to request a demo or to make a purchase.