Social Integration For Telligent Community

Open your community to a far wider audience. Nexus integrates Telligent Community with the leading social media platforms, enabling your community to push content, pull users and benefit from simplified account management.

Share Content Across Other Social Networks

With just one click, Nexus enables users to share community content with friends across other social networks, including; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and MSN Messenger. Sharing content with connections increases the perceived value of content, readership and awareness of your community.

Invite Friends & Draw New Users In

Nexus also enables users to invite friends from other social networks to join your community. The ability to invite friends with shared interests promotes organic growth and increases the reach of your community exponentially.

Sign In With Open Authentication

Using Nexus, new users can quickly create an account, securely authenticating their account with user credentials from other social media platforms. Signing in with Facebook or LinkedIn reduces the need for multiple accounts, simplifies the joining process and removes the largest barrier to entry for joining any community.

Synchronize User Profile Information

Nexus gives users the option to synchronize their main profile information and avatars with a mainstream social platform. Profile changes made externally are automatically updated in your community, ensuring that the user information displayed within your community is always current.

Feature Compatibility Facebook LinkedIn Twitter MSN Messenger
One-click join  
Push status messages
Pull status messages      
Publish content using quick share
Context Sensitive
Auto-publish blogs to pages & groups      
Invite friends  
Java API
Share any page
Share/Auto-share activity feed


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