Chronos Features

Chronos Features
Telligent Security Supported
Multiple Calendars in a Group
Integrated into Control Panel
User Based Calendars
Recurring Events
Favourite Support
RSS Integration
Week, Day, Month, List views
Comment Management
Location Support
Color-coded Event Categories
iCal Export
Searchable Calendars
Calendar Email Subscription
Location Features
Location Privacy
Additional Data, Phone, URL
Tag Support
Event Features
Timezone Support
Outlook Style Recurring Events
All Day Events
RSVP Types, Public, Friends, Group, Site and Invitation Only
Anonymous Registrations for non-members
RSVP Guest Limit
Category Support
Privacy levels, Private, Friends, Group, Public
Event Comments
External Event Linking
File Attachments
Featured Event Support
Searchable Events
Email Reminders
Comment Email Subscription
Event Email Subscription
Loosely-Coupled Architecture (Ninject)
Leverages Telligent Caching Framework
Completely Integrated with Telligent Chameleon Themes
No code changes to Telligent Evolution
Automated Installer Supplied
REST API Support
Software Assurance
Optional Enterprise Support


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