Advanced Social Calendaring For Telligent Community

Bring your community together for group events and scheduled activities. Chronos enhances Telligent Community with advanced calendaring functionality, comprehensive event management and effective event promotion.

Tiered Calendars & Event Visibility Control

Chronos provides custom calendaring functionality at every level, from community wide and group calendars, right down to personalized calendars for individual users. Event visibility can also be customized to create open events, or private events for friends and invited guests only.

Complete Calendar Customization

With extensible fields, Chronos enables complete calendar customization, giving event organizers the ability to capture more relevant and event specific information. Events can be categorized and color coded to improve user experience and calendars are easily themed to bring them in line with your brand.

Simplified Event Management

Chronos reduces manual attendee management by automating event registration, announcements and reminders. Event organizers can receive notifications of user interactions, including new registrations, registration changes and new comments. Organizers can also benefit from RSVP options that keep them up-to-date with ever-changing attendee numbers.

Advanced Calendaring Functionality

Organizers can specify a maximum number of guests, allowing registration to automatically close and reopen as attendee numbers change. Chronos also supports recurring events, giving organizers control over frequency and duration, as well as the ability to adjust individual event instances as necessary.

Enhanced Event Listings

Organizers can embed images and video media directly into event listing pages to enhance their appearance and promotional value. Chronos also integrates with Google Maps or Bing Maps to give users full mapping functionality, pinpointing an event’s location and providing the user with detailed directions.

Personalized User Preferences

Users can set their preferred view from a single day, a week or a full month, and easily switch between them. As well as being able to specify a timezone to enable synchronization of global events, Chronos also helps minimize the impact of double-booking by allowing users to prioritize important events and highlight events of particular interest.

Synchronize With Desktop Calendars

Users can export Chronos event files and easily import them into iCal or Outlook, helping to ensure their community events integrate with their day-to-day lives and enabling users to easily coordinate multiple calendars.

Event Promotion & User Endorsement

Chronos events can be featured throughout your community website or promoted on relevant pages by utilizing keyword tagging. Tags are also used to return relevant events in search results. Users can comment on events, set ratings or save events as favorites and display their attendance on their profile.

Locations & Mapping

Chronos supports separate location entities that allow a location to be independently mapped, rated and commented upon. This feature helps communities that repeatedly use the same meeting or conference facilities as regular venues.


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