Performance Plugin

Increase download speed and rendering by up to 30% with the 4 Roads performance module for Telligent Community 7.0 upwards.

Web pages include increasingly complex and dynamic web content, including individual CSS and Javascript files within pages, resulting in increased amounts of page data and external files within them.

This creates significant strain on the server, slowing down page downloads which, together with this increased website functionality, causing browsers to under perform when rendering.

Slow page download and rendering speeds can dramatically affect the health of an online community – an environment where engagement is vital. You can read about how increased page load speeds and rendering times benefit an online community on our blog, Page Load Speeds and Your Online Community.

Your Telligent Community is no exception, where, on average, each page makes anything between 40 and 100 or more individual requests to the server.

To combat this problem, 4 Roads have created a plugin which increases page load speeds within Telligent Community 7.0 and beyond, by up to 30% and improves the perception of users because the browser is able to render much more effectively.

The performance plugin applies performance techniques such as the bundling feature of .NET 4.5 to improve download and rendering speeds. Bundling, as described in our technical blog post, describes it as "the process of aggregating and minification of files to reduce the amount of data being sent to the browser and also reduce the number of requests to IIS."

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