Microdata SEO Plugin

Inject microdata information into any Telligent Community page for better search rankings and relevancy, with the 4 Roads SEO plugin for Telligent Community 6.0 upwards.

The Semantic Web, as described in our technical blog post, states that: “information contained on the World Wide Web is not purely text, images, music and videos.  Content can be described as a graph of connections and associations based on the metadata of the content.”

Semantic search is taking over from the search algorithms - formally the backbone of the web - data must now be indexed beyond keywords. Therefore the semantic web is a vital consideration, if you are looking to increase SEO results of an online community.

As semantic search only grows in importance, including structured markup such as microdata in your web content will become an essential part of SEO.

We have produced a configurable plugin for Telligent Community 8 that allows you to insert http://schema.org microdata into the content of a page.

The SEO plugin recognises the importance of aligning SEO with social media, and helps with optimising for Google+. For example, Google can link a user profile within the community to the user’s Google+ profile, which then also presents the user’s avatar in search results. Robots are then able to understand the mark-up and extract elements, such as post content, which improves search rankings for the community and relevancy within search results.

You can see before and after images using Google’s Rich Snippets Tool in our blog post, Improving SEO using Microdata and the Semantic Web.